Primary Education

Caribbean Math was developed to assist children in building on the skills and knowledge which they acquire within the classroom. This website will facilitate each child at the primary level to overcome any basic and inherent weaknesses they may have to bridge and to develop their self-confidence as well as extend their competence.

This program covers all the topics in the primary school mathematics syllabus including a range of mathematical techniques and skills. For example, pupils will be exposed to the language and vocabulary of mathematics, and how to translate, or relate events from everyday living into a mathematical framework using this language.

Our test will compel each child to think logically, creatively and critically. Most importantly these online test will allow those at the primary school level to become more advance technologically as they explore each mathematical situation.

Primary Syllabus

Section Topic
Section 1 Problem Solving
Section 2 Computations and Number Theory
Section 3 Fractions and Decimals
Section 4 Measurements
Section 5 Time
Section 6 Money
Section 7 Geometry
Section 8 Set Theory
Section 9. Statistics and Data Handling