CSEC Maths adheres to the CXC CSEC Mathematics syllabus taught throughout the Caribbean. This website CXC Package was created to provide a training simulator and testing centre for student to verify they CXC CSEC Readiness for CXC examination.

Our team created the website with the intension of providing each student with the opportunity to display their cognitive abilities as well as compelling each to become logical and critical thinkers. Hence, allowing students to develop a solid understanding of the mathematical skills and knowledge necessary for the preparation of the CXC Examination.

Each test is specifically design to aid students in their development and advancement of mathematical skills. These comprise of a set of topics ranging from number theory, computations, consumer arithmetic, sets, measurements, statistics, algebra, vectors, matrices, geometry and trigonometry.

CXC / CSEC Syllabus

Section 1 Computation
Section 2 Number Theory
Section 3 Consumer Arithmetic
Section 4 Sets
Section 5 Measurement
Section 6 Statistics
Section 7 Algebra
Section 8 Relations, Functions and Graphs
Section 9 Geometry and Trigonometry
Section 10 Vectors and Matrices