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Math Analyst

Position Summary:

Caribbean Math is a student-support service that provides assistance with mathematics coursework. While the main focus of the Math Center is to help students in ACADEMY courses Primary, CXC/CSEC, CAPE and Advance University Math. We provide services to all mathematics students.

The main duty of Math Analyst is to verify accuracy of Math questions and test in the Database. In addition to Math Analyst in the Math Center, Math Analyst’s are expected to:

  • Help create a welcoming and stimulating learning environment in the Math Center.
  • Participate in Supplemental Instruction or class lectures as scheduled by Professional Math Tutor.
  • Provide More accurate simulation of Math Exams at which ever level is choosen
  • Assist with additional duties as needed, for example, data entry, advertising objectives, and any other duties that benefit the math center and its goals as assigned by the Professional Math Tutor.
  • Must have completed at least a minimum of College Advance Math CAPE CXC with an A although higher math courses are preferred.

  • Must have at least a 3.0 GPA

  • Must have a math faculty recommendation

  • Must be at least a sophomore

  • Must be available to work 20 hours/week.

  • Must be available to attend pre-semester and on-going training sessions.