The Caribbean Maths CAPE Exams Covers the CXC CAPE Pure Maths Sylybus, Caribbean Math has adopted a similar approach to testing students on the three cognitive levels outlined in the CAPE syllabus. These include Reasoning and Conceptual and Algorithmic knowledge. Our practice test will further solidify each student understanding of mathematical concepts and structures, permit the development of skills in the use of mathematical and information, communication and technology tools as well as enabling the analysation, abstraction and generalisation of mathematical ideas.

CAPE Syllabus

Unit 1: Algebra, Geometry and Calculus

Module 1 Basic Algebra and Functions
Module 2 Trigonometry, Geometry and Vectors
Module 3 Calculus I

Unit 2: Complex Numbers, Analysis and Matrices

Module 1 Complex Numbers and Calculus II
Module 2 Sequences, Series and Approximations
Module 3 Counting, Matrices and Differential Equations